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Pneumatic Tube Systems in Entertainment

Origins of the Pneumatic Tube System in Entertainment

Pneumatic tube systems in the entertainment industry found their beginnings in the entertainment industry at The Residenz-Casino at Blumentrasse 10, better known as “The Resi”.

In the early days of the 20th century The Resi was a one-of-a-kind casino. It boasted a dance floor large enough for 1000 people, 86,000 electric lights and a dancing water feature that wowed the elite. It introduced some of the most innovative technology that was on the market: the pneumatic tube system and telephone.

These technologies allowed patrons to flirt anonymously by eliminating the possibility of face-to-face rejection. With the pneumatic tube system, small gifts or love notes could be sent to any table in the dance hall.

Today, the pneumatic tube system may not be known as the “Match-Maker”, but it still plays a vital “roll” within the casino industry. Moving high value markers from one genre to another has become its new purpose. Thus, dubbing the new name “Marker-Mover”.



Pneumatic Tubes for Films, Theaters and Casinos

Aerocom’s tube transport systems are aptly designed for the fast-paced environment of the entertainment industry. Our pneumatic tube system has been involved in film productions, theaters and casinos across the globe. Aerocom’s custom solutions allow organizations in the entertainment industry to safely transport secure items and confidential documents.

Pneumatic Tubes for Casinos

See near-immediate ROI
and increase security at the same time.

municipal building pneumatic tube solutions

Casino owners almost immediately see a return on investment with the implementation of an Aerocom tube system. Faced with processing multiple transactions at any given time, casinos are extremely vulnerable to internal and externals security threats. Learn more about how pneumatic systems can improve operational costs and security in casinos. +Read More

Pneumatic Tubes for Theaters

Move cash and more
efficiently and securely.

courthouse pneumatic tube solutions

Without pneumatic tube systems, theaters are required to use a security guard to transfer funds. Our systems automate cash transport from the box office to the count room, limiting security risks and maximizing productivity. Learn more about how pneumatic systems can improve operational costs and security in theaters. +Read More



Pneumatic Tubes for Film Production

Increase security and efficiency
of document and material transport.

prison & jail pneumatic tube solutions

We’ve supplied pneumatic tube systems for a myriad of full feature productions including, The Wolf of Wall Street and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.



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Why Choose Aerocom?

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

Durable, Quality Products

When it comes to complex tube systems, you want reliable products built by an experienced team. Aerocom USA is a global leader in pneumatic tube systems; we pride ourselves on developing high quality, lasting systems and products. For the best systems in the industry, contact us.

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

Custom Solutions

We specialize in developing custom solutions for all types of industries, which means that you get the most effective system layout for your organization. We work with highly trained architects to design, manufacture and install custom systems that are the perfect fit for your organization.

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

24/7 Support Line

Aerocom is always ready to respond to any needs or maintenance requests you may have. We are dedicated to keeping your systems serviced and in perfect working order. When you work with Aerocom, you’re getting access to a global team of experts in logistics tube systems.

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

Experience You Can Trust

We have been an industry leader for over eighty years, doing business in more than 70 countries. We are dedicated exclusively to the design, development and manufacturing of pneumatic tube systems. That experience translates to the best systems and customer support you can find.

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Aerocom Systems is a global leader in the pneumatic tube systems industry, serving over 70 countries. Below is a map showing the cities in which Aerocom USA, our North American center, has pneumatic systems installed. To learn more, choose your industry, browse our systems, or contact us.

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At Aerocom, we specialize in designing custom pneumatic solutions for a variety of applications. Contact us for more information on our advanced pneumatic tube systems and products.

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