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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Government Buildings

Protect Sensitive Documents with Pneumatic Transport

Security is of the utmost importance in local, state and federal buildings. Government buildings including courthouses, city halls, prisons and jails need to transport physical documents and materials that often contain confidential information. Many government facilities use pneumatic tube systems for secure, efficient transport of these materials.

At Aerocom, our pneumatic transport systems are engineered to protect documents, cash and other materials from external and internal security threats. Aerocom’s systems are an elegant solution that can be customized to fit any facility layout and need.

Aerocom high-speed pneumatic tube systems improve operational efficiency and security for government facilities including:


Pneumatic Tubes for




Save time and increase security
with document transportation.

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Pneumatic Tubes for




Move documents and supplies
quickly and safely.

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Pneumatic Tubes for




Increase security and efficiency
of document and material transport.

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Common Applications for Pneumatic Tubes in Government Buildings

City hall or town hall buildings are often designed with multiple corresponding offices and departments, which can make transporting internal records and documents a hassle. With a pneumatic system, municipal buildings reliably improve document transportation and security. +Read More

Courthouses demand ever-present security and access authorization for entry and exit. While necessary, these access points make it difficult to transport time-sensitive documents and firearms internally. Using our systems, secure items can travel safely and quickly throughout the courthouse. +Read More

Aerocom’s pneumatic systems meet the high security needs of prisons and jails. Our systems allow for efficient document transfer, without jeopardizing the safety or confidentiality of inmates and employees.



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