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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Courthouses

Transfer Government Documents Securely

courthouse pillarsFrom the courtroom to the cashier and security check to firearm safe rooms, municipal buildings are changing the way they operate. Security is tighter. Firearm control is stringently governed and sensitive documents are guarded heavily. In order to enhance the security of firearms entering the building and to keep a judge's signature safe, courthouses and municipal buildings have turned to Aerocom’s pneumatic tube system technology for help.

In courthouses and any government buildings, pneumatic tube systems are front and center at entry checkpoints. When an officer or carrying person enters the building, the firearm is checked and sent to a firearm safe room until the officer leaves the building. This eliminates the threat of misuse or accidents when armed persons are within the building.

Other courthouses have introduced the air tube system right into the courtroom. Keeping a judge’s signature safe is more easily accomplished when the manual transport of signed documents is no longer part of the process. Hearings proceed at a faster pace and disruptions are filtered out since these signed documents can be placed in the carrier and sent straight to the cashier. Fines can be transferred directly to the cashier stations and court clerks or civilians never have to touch the sensitive documents.

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