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Pneumatic Tube Components

Aerocom pneumatic products and pneumatic tube systems are designed to help you streamline production and improve your infrastructure. All of our products feature cutting edge technology for safe, effective tube transport.

Pneumatic Tube Station


Pneumatic tube stations are the docks that send and receive carriers. Aerocom’s stations are equipped to maximize the efficiency of material transportation with interfaces that are both technologically advanced and user-friendly. We've developed four station models; our team will help you decide which stations your system needs. 


Pneumatic Tube Carrier


Pneumatic tube carriers are the containers that hold materials and goods as they move through a pneumatic tube system. With easy-to-open flip tops, glide rings for smooth transport, and durable material, Aerocom’s carriers are everything you need in pneumatic transport. We offer 4-inch and 6-inch carriers as well as a Antimocirobial Leakproof 6-inch version.


Pneumatic Tube System Diverter


An important component in any pneumatic system is the diverter. When a complex system requires multiple paths to and from a given station, a diverter is used at the intersection of those branching paths. Aerocom’s three-port diverter changes the direction of the carriers as they pass through.


Pneumatic Tube Blower


Blowers are the fans that cause the carriers to move through the pneumatic tubes. By creating a difference in air pressure between two ends of the system, the blower effectively sucks the carrier through the tubes. Aerocom offers two models: the three-phase and a RB-6 blower.

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