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diverter for pneumatic tube systemsAs a leader in the pneumatic tube industry, Aerocom has the capability to manufacture, design and install any component for pneumatic systems.


Diverters are used to manage the connection between zones, redirecting carriers based on inputs from highly sophisticated computerized systems.


a three phase blower positioned on the floorBlowers

Blowers create the differentiated air pressure needed to quickly and safely transport carriers throughout the tube system. Blowers can be one-directional, or have the ability to reverse carrier direction, depending on the needs of your system. A silencer device keeps blowers barely audible.


Linear Coupler for AC3000 Aerocom Pneumatic Tube SystemLinear Coupler

Aerocom’s linear coupler allows direct connections between multiple zones. The linear coupler is perfect for high traffic systems that need maximized transport efficiency, especially for use in healthcare with the AC3000 system for hospitals.

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