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EWS Station

How it works:

The EWS 4" Stationis a component of Aerocom's pneumatic tube systems that sends and receives carriers from above. It is available in 4 and 6 inch steel.

EWS 4" pneumatic tube station     EWS 4" pneumatic tube station    EWS pneumatic tube station with wire basket and chrome carrier rack   ‚Äč

Operating this station is as easy as any other. To send a carrier, place the carrier into the front loading bay and enter the destination station number. The carrier will be sent in its most direct route. When receiving carriers, carriers will arrive on a cushioned landing behind a secure door.

Stations are designed to be wall mounted. To learn more about our EWS Station and other pneumatic tube products, contact us today! 

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EWS Station Features

  • Meets ADA Height Standards
  • RFID Tagging & Tracking RTLS
  • Compatible (Real Time Locating System)
  • 16 User Signal Alert Programming
  • Priority Send/Receive Programming
  • Secure Dispatch
  • Slow Send for Delicate Samples
  • LED Keypad with Scrolling Directory



EWS Station Components   

EWS Station LED Display and Key pad

EWS station component diagram

EWS pneumatic tube station receiving baskets













Receiving baskets are available in steel (most common for recessed applications) or wire for wall-mounted applications.


Chrome Carrier Racks (Optional)

EWS pneumatic tub station chrome carrier racks


Industrial Grade Servo Motor

EWS Stations use Incremental Encoders with servo motors for accuracy and reliability.

  • High quality DC motor
  • Incremental Encoder
  • Less Maintenance and extreme reliability



EWS Station 4" Dimensions

Technical Data

Station Weight: 32 lbs
Carrier Rack: 17 lbs
Station Basket: 5-10 lbs

  • Steel-plate housing, made of Polystyron (non-flammable V0) RAL 7035
  • Industrial grade servo motor with integrated incremental encoder
  • Software-controlled motor driver
  • Movement by roller bearings
  • Maintenance-free Teflon - seals
  • Noiseless carrier transit
  • Fully-electronic, maintenance-free microprocessor controls

EWS pneumatic tube station dimensions 4"


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