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EWS Station

Low Maintenance, High Reliability

The wall-mounted EWS 4-inch station, also available in 6-inch, is a send/receive station commonly used in Aerocom tube systems. EWS is low-maintenance, user-friendly, and comes with accessories such as a carrier rack to stay organized and receiving basket to ensure safe landing. Its enhanced security features ensure items get to the right person at the right time -- every time.

Worker puts pneumatic tube carrier into an EWS send station.     EWS 4" pneumatic tube station    Two EWS stations side-by-side along a warehouse/facility wall.   ‚Äč

EWS Station Features

  • Meets ADA Height Standards
  • RFID Tagging & Tracking RTLS
  • Compatible (Real Time Locating System)
  • 16 User Signal Alert Programming
  • Priority Send/Receive Programming
  • Secure Dispatch
  • Slow Send for Delicate Samples
  • LED Keypad with Scrolling Directory

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