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Leak Proof Anti-Microbial 6" Carrier

a 6 inch leak proof carrier tube

Leak Proof, Anti-Microbial Pneumatic Tube Carriers

Eliminate infectious control worries with Aerocom’s Anti-microbial Leak Proof Carrier. Keep spills or leakage contained inside the leak proof carrier preventing system contamination.

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How it works:

a 6 inch leak proof carrier tube

IONPURE Additive

All Aerocom healthcare leak proof carriers are manufactured with an additive called Ionpure. Ionpure is an inorganic additive of soluble glass powder containing anti-microbial metal ions.

  • Glass powder composition combined with Anti-microbial metal ions.
  • Durability and effectiveness has no wash deterioration.
  • Heat Transforming Temperature Load 18.5kg is 132.8°C @.5% Ionpure.
  • Impact Strength is 83.86kg ·cm/cm2
  • Transparency maintains its refractive index.



  • OD   D = 6” / H= 1 4 . 7 6 ”
  • Payload D = 4.0” / H = 12.4”
  • Drive Rings: Velcro
  • Weight: 2.97lbs/1,350kg
  • RFID upon request



Quick & Easy to Open

How to open Aerocom Pneumatic Tube carriers

1. Place fingers in the indented finger port on the left side & push out.
2. Place thumb under clasp on right side & flip up.
3. With fingers in port, push out and carrier top will swivel open.



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