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Pneumatic Tube Blowers

Image of our aluminum-cast three-phase blowerBlowers are the fans that cause the carriers to move through the pneumatic tubes. By creating a difference in air pressure between two ends of the system, the blower effectively sucks the carrier through the tubes. Aerocom offers two models: the three-phase and a RB-6 blower.

Three-Phase Blower

The three-phase blower, cased in noise-reducing cast aluminum, switches from pressure to vacuum in a split second through the three-position valve. As soon as all pending sending processes are finished, it will automatically shut off. The three-phase blower is typically installed on the floor, ceiling, or wall close to the main system controls or the master station.


  • Side Channel Airflow
  • Energy Efficient IE2/NEMA Motor
  • Conformant to IEC6003430
  • Air Volume Dissipates Heat Generation
  • Reduces Operating Energy Costs
  • Long-Lasting Service Life

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