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Multi-Load & Rail Station

The Best Pneumatic Solution for High-Traffic Settings

The Multi-Load and Rail station was designed to accommodate high-volume transfer traffic in settings such as pharmacies, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities. This station combines the power of two stations: the Multi-Load, the station responsible for queuing and sending; and the Rail, which receives continuously.

Multi-Load Station

How It Works

The Multi-Load station has three loading ports for instant queueing and sending, which means it can send up to three carriers at a time.
To send a carrier, place the carrier in one of the loading bays and enter the destination station number. To send multiple carriers, load them in the order of priority. As each carrier is queued, the system will begin the transfer. Once carrier one has left the bay, carrier two will begin its transfer. The carrier will be sent in its most direct route and then automatically return to its home station.

Features & Benefits

  • Sends from above
  • Available in 4” and 6”
  • Designed to be wall mounted
  • Meets ADA Height Standards
  • RFID Tagging & Tracking
  • RTLS (Real Time Locating System) Compatible
  • 16 User Signal Alert Programming
  • Priority Send Programming
  • Secure Dispatch
  • Slow Send for Delicate Samples
  • LED Keypad

Download Multi-Load Specs (PDF)

Rail Station

How It Works

As a receive-only station, The Rail Station is designed to be wall- or counter-mounted and includes rail attachments to accommodate continual receiving.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 4” and 6”
  • Powered slide gate closes with airtight seal for a soft landing for carriers
  • Steel-plate housing, made of Polystyrene (non-flammable V0) RAL 7035
  • Industrial-grade servo motor
  • Software-controlled motor driver
  • Maintenance-free Teflon seals
  • Rail Extensions available
  • LED display and keypad
  • Noiseless carrier transit

Download Rail Specs (PDF)

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