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Rail Station 4" & 6"

How it works:

The Rail Station is a receive-only pneumatic tube station and used in congruence with the Multi Load station for sending. It receives from above and has rail attachments to accommodate continual receiving.

The Rail Station is available in 4" and 6". Stations are designed to be wall or counter mounted.

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aerocom's rail station and receiving rail for pneumatic tube stations


aerocom's rail station 6" for pneumatic tube systems

Rail Station Features

  • Powered slide gate closes with airtight seal for soft landing of carrier
  • Steel-plate housing, made of Polystyron (non-flammable V0) RAL 7035
  • Industrial grade servo motor
  • Software-controlled motor driver
  • Maintenance-free Teflon- seals





Rail Station Components

Rail Station LED Display and Key Pad

LED Display & Key Pad

Color LED Indicators

Red - System Failed to Accept the Transaction
Yellow - System is Busy
Green - System has Accepted teh Transaction
Blue - Arrival Signal


Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Motor with Proximity Sensors

  • High quality DS motor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Less maintenance and extreme reliability

rail station proximity sensor    rail station industrial grade heavy duty motor with proximity sensors



Rail Extension Components

rail extension components diagram

  • Connection module
  • Bend radius rail with tube switch for carrier recognition
  • Wall holder for mounting
  • Guide rail extension - middle section 39.37"
  • Guide rail extension end 19.69"
  • End fitting for carrier stop



Rail Extension Dimensions 6"

Technical Data Station Weight: 25 lbs
Carrier Rack: 17 lbs
Rail Extension: 5 lbs (ea)

  • Steel-plate housing, made of Polystyron (non-flammable V0) RAL 7035
  • Industrial grade servo motor with proximity sensors
  • Software-controlled motor driver
  • Movement by roller bearings
  • Maintenance-free Teflon seals
  • Noiseless carrier transit
  • Fully-electronic, maintenance-free microprocessor controls



Rail Extension Dimensions 6"

rail extension dimensions 6 inch

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