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Pneumatic Tubes for Retail

Transporting Cash Quickly and Safely with Pneumatic Systems

Cash tubes used in a store to send things efficiently.

Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and IKEA are several retailers across the globe that use Aerocom’s pneumatic tubes to transport cash and products safely and quickly. As a global leader in design, manufacturing and installation of pneumatic tube systems, Aerocom can design a custom solution for your specific loss prevention needs.

Retail stores, warehouses and any other operation that needs to move cash and product securely can benefit from a custom pneumatic tube system. Pneumatic tubes save money by improving the operational efficiency of moving cash and increase security by reducing company exposure to external and internal theft.



Why Use Pneumatic Tubes for Retail?

Increased Safety

  • Replace manual cash & coin transport with secure pneumatic tubes
  • Keep register floats to a minimum
  • Transport coins and bills to registers only when they are needed, minimizing register haul

Increased Efficiency

  • Improve the productivity of your labor force
  • Quickly send coins and cash to registers when change is needed
  • Utilize advanced audit tracking software included with your system
  • Easily send cash between registers and counting rooms


Retail Loss Prevention with Pneumatic Tubes

Employee theft and shoplifting account for the largest causes of cash shrink in retail today, and those numbers have grown in recent years. That’s why it is more important than ever to have a secure POS system that enables safe transfer of cash.

According to the US Retail Fraud Survey 2015, sponsored by Volumatic:

  • Cash theft for US retailers has increased by 8% since the previous study in 2014
  • Employee theft is the largest area of store loss (38% shrink)
  • Cash theft is second biggest cause of store loss (26% shrink)
  • Shoplifting is the fourth largest area of store loss (11% shrink)

According to James Harris of Volumatic:

“On a per transaction basis, cash remains the cheapest, fastest and most popular way for retailers to accept payment, representing an important opportunity for retailers.

Those retailers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity are increasingly employing intelligent cash handling systems to substantially reduce cash shrink, enhance security, streamline cash handling processes and deliver significant operational efficiencies.”

Aerocom’s pneumatic tube systems are a fantastic loss prevention solution for retailers. Contact us to learn how our systems can protect your cash and save your organization money.



Why Choose Aerocom?

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

Durable, Quality Products

When it comes to complex tube systems, you want reliable products built by an experienced team. Aerocom USA is a global leader in pneumatic tube systems; we pride ourselves on developing high quality, lasting systems and products. For the best systems in the industry, contact us.

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

Custom Solutions

We specialize in developing custom solutions for all types of industries, which means that you get the most effective system layout for your organization. We work with highly trained architects to design, manufacture and install custom systems that are the perfect fit for your organization.

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

24/7 Support Line

Aerocom is always ready to respond to any needs or maintenance requests you may have. We are dedicated to keeping your systems serviced and in perfect working order. When you work with Aerocom, you’re getting access to a global team of experts in logistics tube systems.

Pneumatic Tube Stystem

Experience You Can Trust

We have been an industry leader for over eighty years, doing business in more than 70 countries. We are dedicated exclusively to the design, development and manufacturing of pneumatic tube systems. That experience translates to the best systems and customer support you can find.



Systems Best Suited to Retail and Commercial Organizations

Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System for Retail

Retail System Advantages:

  • Two-way operation for retail
  • PC-controlled system
  • Graphical windows user interface
  • Remote maintenance
  • Audit trail transatction tracking
  • Real-time display of status information
  • Optional authorization with swipe card, PIN or transponder reader


AC24M Retail System

Our AC24M system is designed for retailers that have multiple checkout locations and want to efficiently move cash/coin. The system connects a central location (vault or count room) to as many as 61 substations (checkouts). The system design allows only the transfer between the master station and specified substations. Substations are not able to send to each other. The system provides a detailed audit trail which can be printed showing every transaction with date/time stamp.

AC2U Retail System

The AC2U is our point-to-point system that is designed to connect up to three locations.

This system provides efficient and secure transport of cash/coin and offers an audit trail for every transaction via a printer.





Aerocom's System Locations

Aerocom Systems is a global leader in the pneumatic tube systems industry, serving over 70 countries. Below is a map showing the cities in which Aerocom USA, our North American center, has pneumatic systems installed. To learn more, choose your industry, browse our systems, or contact us.

Aerocom USA Pneumatic Tube System Locations



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