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Speed Up Your Process with Pneumatic Tube Transport

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Aerocom is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of pneumatic tube systems for warehouses and distribution centers. We have a variety of pneumatic systems designed specifically for the challenges that warehouses face daily. Regardless of the layout of your facility, Aerocom’s systems can be custom fitted for your organization.

Benefits & Features of Pneumatic Systems for Warehousing & Distribution

Whether you need to transport freight bills, shipping tickets, small parts or tools, the right system will speed up your process and cut costs. A seamless network of pneumatic tubes and stations will connect your key locations, enabling you to easily transport these items at speeds of up to 25 feet per second.

Pneumatic tube systems are ideal for connecting multiple departments, several floors of operation or even linking separate buildings. Aerocom’s systems offer substantial reduction in the workflow process by eliminating delays. That means your facility cuts costs, saves time and improves operational efficiency.

Aerocom’s systems offer rapid, frequent and secure transfer of essential items. Freight bills, shipping tickets, invoices, receipts, documents, reports, supplies, spare parts, components and tools are just a few examples of what you can send to and from other departments in a matter of seconds.

Why Choose Aerocom?

Aerocom has been a global leader in the pneumatic tube industry for over 80 years. We have worked with warehousing and distribution centers all over the globe. Our clients choose Aerocom for our industry expertise, our 24/7 support, and our high quality systems.

Durable, High Quality Products

When it comes to complex tube systems, you want reliable product built by an experienced team. Aerocom USA is a global leader in pneumatic tube systems; we pride ourselves on developing high quality, lasting systems and products. For the best systems in the industry, contact us.

Custom Solutions

We specialize in developing custom solutions for logistics facilities, which means that you get the most effective system layout for your particular situation. We work with highly trained architects to design, manufacture and install custom systems that are the perfect fit for your organization.

24/7 Support Line

Aerocom is always ready to respond to any needs or maintenance requests you may have. We are dedicated to keeping your systems serviced and in perfect working order. When you work with Aerocom, you’re getting access to a global team of experts in logistics tube systems.

Systems for Warehouses and Distribution Centers:

The AC24M system allows a single "master" station to communicate with multiple substations. This system is ideal for Ticket Dispatch to send to multiple order selecting locations. The substations cannot send to one another on this system.

The AC2U is the perfect economy system for warehouses that wish to only connect the office and warehouse or two other like points. It is an inexpensive means of transporting paperwork, bills of lading or pick tickets from one point to another.

All of these systems come in a variety of sizes from 4" to 12" in diameter. We also offer the sizes in both in PVC and steel tubing. Contact us for more information about how these systems can help you.

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