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Durable Carriers for Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic tube carriers are the containers that hold materials and goods as they move through a tube system. Aerocom’s carriers are designed for ease-of-use, efficiency and safety. With easy-to-open flip tops, highly secure locking mechanisms, glide rings for smooth transport and durable material, our carriers are everything you need in pneumatic transport. We offer various types of carriers, including:


Leak Resistant End Opening Carrier 4"

This flip style lid combines comfort and security all in one.

leak resistant pneumatic tube carrier


Leak Resistant End Opening Carrier 6"

This flip style lid combines comfort and security all in one.

logistics pneumatic tube solutions



Leak Proof Anti-Microbial 6" Carrier

Eliminate infectious control worries with Aerocom’s Anti-microbial Leak Proof Carrier.

warehousing and distribution pneumatic tube solutions


Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and labs trust our leak proof anti-microbial carriers to transport any manner of sensitive material. Any spilled or leaked material will stay inside the air-tight container. With ionpure additive, the carriers’ glass material is extra durable, resisting high temperatures, impact and maintaining transparency.

Aerocom offers carriers for all types of pneumatic tube systems. If you need a custom application or have questions about our carriers, contact us today.

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pneuamtic tube carrier for healthcare