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Pneumatic Tubes for Truck Drive Up Stations

Exchange Paperwork Efficiently & Safely with Tube Systems for Truck Drive Up Stations

Streamline your operation with a pneumatic tube system, also known as bank drive-up tubes. Aerocom is a global leader in pneumatic tube systems designed for many applications, including truck drive up stations and other logistics and distribution needs, such as feed mills, grain elevators, truck weigh stations, and scale houses. Whether your operation needs a simple A-to-B system, or a seamless network of tubes and stations, Aerocom can custom design the perfect system to connect your key locations, enabling you to easily transport items at speeds of up to 25 feet per second.

What can I transport?

In a matter of seconds, you can send

  • freight bills
  • shipping tickets
  • invoices & receipts
  • documents & reports
  • supplies, spare parts, components & tools

What are the benefits?

Aerocom’s systems offer substantial reduction in the workflow process by eliminating delays, saving you money in the long run.

Improve Efficiency. With a tube system, drivers don't need to leave their vehicle or enter an office to exchange paperwork or materials. This keeps trucks moving and reduces idle time.

Minimize Contact. Tube systems allow drivers and office staff to keep their distance while exchanging paperwork or materials.

Distribution worker waits for carrier at the pneumatic tube station inside the truck drive-up stop.

An 18-wheeler truck stops at the pnuematic tube station in the drive-thru at a distribution center.

Truck drivers can send freight bills and other important documents through the yellow station.

18-wheeler trucks drive through drive-up station at a distribution center.

Experience the Aerocom Difference

We work with companies anywhere in the world. If you’d like to learn more about how Aerocom can improve your logistics company’s efficiency, contact us today.

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