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The AC660 is a system with time proven experience in getting the job done.  It connects multiple points of transfer and can be conducive to any environment.  Outside, inside, cold facilities, or hot sampling facilities pose no problem for the AC660. 

This system features the unique ability to dispatch multiple carriers by priority - most commonly referred to as “queuing”. With queuing ability, multiple operators can insert a carrier into the station and enter the command to send to the desired location.  The system will record the transaction I.D. in the order of the commands entered and the station will dispatch the carrier according to this priority.  A full audit trail including personalized transaction information will automatically be logged.  Reports can be printed for comparing records if ever necessary.  

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A windows screen of a diagram of an AC6000 systemFeatures of the AC660 System

  • PC or microprocessor controlled system
  • Graphical windows platform available
  • Extendable up to 50 stations
  • Remote maintenance
  • Report generator for all dispatch and receiving activities
  • Data exchange of all sending information
  • All dispatch information will be displayed
  • Authorization at the sending stations with swipe-card, pin-code or with transponder reader
  • Continous monitoring of electronics and power supply devices


System Example

An AC660 single use pneumatic system diagram


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