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AC660 System (Formerly AC24M)

AC24M Service & Support
While Aerocom offers ongoing maintenance to owners of the AC24M system, the AC660 is the new standard solution for retailers and other organizations interested in installing a new system. If your organization currently uses an AC24M system and is in need of support, please get in touch with our 24/7 support team by submitting a service request form on our website, or by calling 800-741-5096, and we will be happy to service your equipment.

A versatile tube system for improving efficiency in any environment

The AC660 is a tried-and-true system that connects up to 99 points of transfer. This versatile system can be installed inside or outside, or in cold- or hot-sampling facilities, a great choice for organizations that transfer time-sensitive materials. The AC660 is commonly used in the following industries:


One of the most attractive features of the AC660 is its unique queuing ability, in which the system can dispatch multiple carriers according to priority. Multiple operators can insert a carrier into the station and enter the command to send it to the desired location. The system will record the transaction ID in the order of the commands entered and the station will dispatch the carrier according to this priority. A full audit trail including personalized transaction information will automatically be logged. Reports can be printed for comparing records if ever necessary. Other features include:

  • Fully automatic, variable, microprocessor-controlled system that does not require a dedicated PC
  • Bidirectional system with programming options for master/substation transfers
  • Configures up to 99 outlying station locations to process transfers with one central control unit, or CCU, and blower.
  • Stores the last 5000 operations in system log
  • Audit-trail tracking and report creation


  • Enhanced security. Offers several levels of identification security for tracking transactions with cash or valuables.
  • Compatibility. System configuration is compatible with almost any need.
  • Remote maintenance. Comprehensive System Diagnostics from the CCU allows technicians to perform remote testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting of system.
  • Built-in safety protocols. In the event of power failure, system automatically returns carriers to the master station to prevent possible carrier collisions.

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