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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Dispensaries

Seamlessly Fulfill Dispensary Orders

Pneumatic tubes are an efficient and cost-effective solution for dispensaries looking to streamline their operations. By using a network of tubes, dispensaries can quickly and securely transport medication and other small items between different areas of the facility.

Benefits for Dispensaries

  • Quick delivery. Pneumatic tubes provide a fast, reliable way to move items from one location to another, giving employees more time with customers.
  • Cut costs. Aerocom systems require minimal maintenance and do not consume energy when not in use, making them an energy-efficient option for dispensaries.
  • Enhances security. Our systems include real-time tracking capabilities and pneumatic and can be programmed to allow only authorized personnel to access the contents of the tubes. Installing a tube system can also limit the number of people who have direct access to inventory, reducing the risk of theft.

Looking For a Custom System?

Every system Aerocom builds is customized for the needs of each client. Our team of engineers will work with you to decide what system, station, carriers, and components your organization needs. From design to installation to lifetime service, we're ready to take your business to the next level.

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If you're a dispensary owner looking to optimize your operation, look no further. Call or message our team today to see what an Aerocom system can do for you.

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