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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Dispensaries

Our team recently installed a custom pneumatic tube system to help a California dispensary improve their operations, efficiency and overall order fulfillment process.

Our recent installation was featured in a Fox news video. With this project, our goal was to create a solution that allowed products to travel quickly and securely to cashier's processing orders.

Aerocom is honored that our tube system is helping businesses run as efficiently as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Project Details

The AC3000 pneumatic tube system was selected and installed at this facility to assist in streamlining operations and quality control. Below are a few of the solutions Aerocom was able to provide:

  • Streamlined order process to reduce the door to door time for each customer
  • Centralized all inventory into a single location with limited personnel access to simplify state mandated regulatory audits
  • Kept product out of the customer dispensary area to reduce the risk of theft
  • Added to the visual aesthetics and overall customer experience

Why Aerocom AC3000?

Below are just a few of the ways that Aerocom stood out in providing a tube system solution for this client: 

  • We utilized a single 208v 3phase low amp motor for the entire system to minimize the impact on the site’s already strained electrical supply
  • Aerocom’s AC3000 system automatically logs transactions and includes a graphic display for real time carrier tracking
  • Aerocom’s 24/7/365 Service department is utilizing remote connectivity in case of any problems that arise

Learn more about the AC3000.

Benefits of Pneumatic Tube Systems

  • Deliver items safely and securely
  • Quick delivery
  • Cut costs
  • Increase efficiency 
  • Enhance security

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