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Pneumatic Tube Solutions for Pharmacies

Large-scale pneumatic tube systems for pharmacies.Transporting Sensitive Items with Safety and Efficiency

Pharmacies carry tremendous responsibility and accountability to their patients, prescribers, and the facilities within which they operate. With so many moving parts and hundreds of patients per day, optimizing your operational efficiency is an absolute necessity. Aerocom is an industry leader in pneumatic tube solutions for pharmacies and other medical facilities. We understand the importance of transporting sensitive items with reliability, speed, accuracy, and accountability measures.

Benefits for Pharmacies

Aerocom pneumatic tubes for pharmacies can help you transfer time-sensitive documents and materials throughout your facility. We offer the following features:

  • Station-specific programmable software, which can ensure real-time tracking and reporting to help meet industry accountability standards
  • Visual real-time tracking, which allows users to view items as they are en route on a screen.
  • Authorization protocols, which ensure only personnel can remove the contents from the station
  • Transaction details and reporting, available at the touch of a button

By streamlining your internal logistics, you can concentrate on providing the highest quality care for your patients.  

The Best Models for Pharmacies

The following systems are ideal for use in a pharmacy setting, boasting benefits such as quality control capabilities and high-traffic accommodation. The models listed below are just a starting point; each system is custom-built, and our engineering team will develop a system catered to your pharmacy's needs.

  • AC3000/4000. The AC3000/4000 system is perfect for organizations that require quality control. With its slow speed and soft delivery options, you can safely transport sensitive items such as solid and liquid samples, hot samples, sensitive documents, pharmaceuticals, IV solutions, and whole blood or plasma. Learn more.
  • AC2U. The AC2U is a point-to-point system that serves to transfer small items quickly and reliably. It can accommodate high-traffic routes and connect with up to three locations. Learn more.

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Aerocom USA is a full-service company specializing in the development, installment, and service of pneumatic tube transport systems. We serve clients from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and medicine. Contact us today to learn how a pneumatic tube system can improve efficiency and security for your business.

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