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How it works:


Aerocom’s 3 port diverter is a switching device used in pneumatic tube systems at branching points to direct the path of a carrier in transport. With the help of a magnetic proximity switch, the inner S-tube is aligned with the correct port on the opposite end of the diverter.  A teflon seal ring keeps the S-tube tight so vacuum and pressure remain consistent allowing the carrier to reach it’s destination station.

Diverters also serve as direct connect units when coupled together to provide inter-zone transmission for multi-zone systems.

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a 3 port diverter switching device used to direct the path of a carrier

Maintenance Advantage

  • Heavy duty metal powder coated enclosure
  • Noiseless, maintenance free cog belt driver
  • Removable front cover for easy access
  • Diagnostic indicators and gauges
  • Industrial grade motor provides high reliability
  • Port covers for open port holes



  • Electromechanical Drive Mechanism
  •  Alignment Timing 2 seconds
  •  24 Volt Power Requirement (flows from Aerocom’s power supply)
  •  4 Conductor Cable; #24 AWG Stranded
  •  System Vacuum/Pressure maximum  10 psi
  •  Heat Transmission Approximately 130BTU/hour



  • Double walled transmission tube for quiet transfer
  • Function testing capabilities directly from diverter box service switch
  • Electronically monitored through system communication
  • Remote operation capability
  • Alignment through magnetic proximity switch
  • Industrial grade, heavy duty motor
  • Diagnostic Gauges and Indicators
  • Remote Operation Capability
  • Alignment

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