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Ensuring Smooth, Silent Transfer

An important component in any pneumatic system is the diverter. When a complex system requires multiple paths to and from a given station, a diverter is used at the intersection of those branching paths. Aerocom’s three-port diverter changes the direction of the carriers as they pass through.

With the help of a magnetic proximity switch, the inner S-tube is aligned with the correct port on the opposite end of the diverter. A Teflon seal ring keeps the S-tube tight so that vacuum and pressure remain consistent, allowing the carrier to reach its destination station.

Component Features

  • Double-walled transmission tube for quiet transfer
  • Function testing capabilities directly from diverter box service switch
  • Remote operation capability
  • Electronically monitored through system communication
  • Industrial grade, heavy-duty motor
  • Diagnostic gauges and indicators
  • Noiseless, maintenance-free cog belt driver

Download Diverter Specs

Aerocom diverter, which looks likes a metal rectangular box with three large holes on the face of it.

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