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Pneumatic Tube Stations

What are pneumatic tube stations?

Pneumatic tube stations are the docks that send and receive carriers. Aerocom’s stations are equipped to maximize the efficiency of material transportation with interfaces that are both technologically advanced and user-friendly. We've developed an array of station types to meet the diverse needs of our clients: explore our station models below.

EWS Station

Available in two sizes, the wall-mounted EWS station is easy-to-use and ADA-compliant. The EWS station is our most popular for 4” systems. It has the same parts as the diverters, so it is ideal from a parts and maintenance standpoint as well as reliability and safety. Learn more.

Multi-Load & Rail Station

The Multi-Load and Rail Station was designed to accommodate high-volume transfer traffic in settings such as pharmacies, laboratories, and manufacturing. This station includes two distinct stations: the Multi-Load, the station responsible for queuing and sending; and the Rail, which receives continuously. Learn more.

OES Station

Our OES Station is easily operated and functions as a send/receive station. All transactions are received from above. Its ergonomic design saves space and allows installation in tight places. Learn more.

Titan Pass-Thru Station

The Titan station uses “pass-thru” technology perfect for hospitals and other facilities with time-sensitive needs. The Titan allows carriers to pass through the station as it is en route to their destination, no longer having to travel through unnecessary tube routing. Learn more.

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As a leader in our industry, Aerocom is always on the cutting edge of pneumatic technology. We have the expertise to manufacture and install custom applications for your organization. Contact Aerocom today to find which stations are best for your pneumatic tube system.

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