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Titan Pass-Thru Station

How it works:

The Titan Station offers innovative technology for today’s healthcare needs. With Pass-Thru capability, the need for coveted interstitial space is minimized and transaction footages are decreased.


A titan pass-thru station in a hospital setting

The Titan Station introduces the new Pass-Thru technology hospitals have been waiting for. This new design allows carriers to “pass-thru” the station as it is in route to its destination. Carriers no longer have to travel through unnecessary tube routing. Since the Titan is a send/receive station with pass-thru capability the amount of tubing required in systems is reduced and transaction times are decreased.

The Titan sends and receives from above and below. It is available in 6 inch steel. Contact Aerocom today to get more info on how the Titan Pass-Thru Station can improve your organization's efficiency.

Operating this station is as easy as any other. To send a carrier, place the carrier into the front loading bay and enter the destination station number. The carrier will be sent in its most direct route. When receiving carriers, carriers will arrive on a cushioned landing behind a secure door.

Stations are designed to be wall or floor mounted, recessed or cased in.



Special Features

  • Meets ADA Height Standards
  • RFID Tagging & Tracking
  • RTLS Compatible (Real Time Locating System)
  • 16 User Signal Alert Programming
  • Priority Send/Receive Programming
  • Secure Dispatch
  • Slow Send for Delicate Samples
  • LED Keypad


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