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Aerocom's AC3000 pneumatic tube system's features are a perfect fit for many industries.  Hospitals, industrial facilities and any other organizations that require quality control will find the features of the AC3000 system appealing.  

Real-time transaction reports and logging user information give our customers a new tool for maintaining certifiable quality control standards.  Large and small industries can reduce or eliminate the foot traffic caused by periodic sampling of product throughout each shift, boosting productivity, increasing safety and improving the overall bottom line.  

The AC3000 system offers enhanced operating features when the need is for fully automated functionality.  With the capability to connect up to 128 independent operating zones and over 1,000 stations, the AC3000 provides optimal features for reporting and audit trail safeties. Priority sending and receiving, station forwarding, station sign-off, and secure transactions are also coveted features of the AC3000.

The AC300 pneumatic tube system is ideal for:

Solid and liquid samples, hot samples, sensitive electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, sugar and other powders, IV solutions, and whole blood or plasma can be transported without compromise as a variable speed option is pre-programmed for slow send and soft delivery.

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AC3000 Features

  • Fully Automatic System – Computer Controlled (Windows Based)
  • Single and Multiple Zone Configurations
  • Up to 512 Stations on up to 128 zones
  • Unlimited Configuration of Transfer Points Between Zones
  • Secure Send for Limiting Access to a Sent Carrier
  • Slow Speed for Transporting Sensitive Items
  • RFID Carrier Tracking
  • RFID User Tracking
  • Complete Carrier Audit Trail 


Pass-Thru Station

A titan pass-thru unit for pneumatic tube systems

Aerocom’s AC 3000 system utilizes sending and receiving stations that are the perfect solution for busy environments in facilities and hospitals. This thru-station design has allowed Aerocom engineers to develop a system which minimizes the amount of tubing needed. Because the Titan station has the capability of serving as a pass-thru unit, carriers travel through several floors without the need of being routed through other system diverters and direct connect units. This technology saves time in carrier transfer and coveted space in the interstitial areas.



Low Voltage

The AC 3000 is powered through a central power supply and from that point is stepped down to 24 volts DC. There is no need for additional data cable ports or 110v outlets at each station or diverter location throughout the inter-workings of the hospital. This pneumatic tube system technology can save thousands of dollars in the electrical scope of work.




RFID Technology

RFID Technology for Pneumatic Tube SystemsAerocom offers the use of RFID tagged carriers. This tagging feature labels each carrier with a unique identifier that assigns it a “home” station which allows it to automatically return to its original location when inserted back into the system. Once a carrier has traveled through 3000 transactions, the RFID tracking device alerts the system and automatically pulls the carrier out of service for regular maintenance. Detailed reports can be created and analyzed from this tracking feature and helps to optimize system procedures.


RFID Tags Supported:

  • Mifare 1k
  • Mifare 4k
  • UltraLight
  • DesFire
  • NFC NTAG203


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  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacy


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