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OES Station

OES stations are perfect for transporting product within cannabis dispensaries.Aerocom’s OES Station is easily operated and functions as either a send/receive or end station. All transactions are received from above. Its ergonomic design saves space and allows installation in tight places.

How to Operate an OES Station

To send items, place the carrier into the bottom loading bay and enter the destination number. The carrier is then sent in the most direct route to its destination. When it arrives, carriers then arrive gently from above on an air-cushioned landing.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 4, 6 & 8 inches
  • Meets ADA Height Standards
  • RFID Capabilities
  • RTLS Compatible
  • Programming for up to 16 users with individual arrival signals/alerts per station (alerts can be assigned to several stations and come in the form of a light, buzzer, email, or text)
  • Priority sending & receiving function
  • Slow Send for Delicate Samples
  • Scroll Function Directory
  • Soft air-cushioned landing
  • Follow me function: If a staff member is absent their user identification can be turned off so carriers are not left unattended. If a staff member changes work locations during the day their user identification can be set to send all their transactions to the new location station.
  • Constant Address Feature: Station will hold the last programmed destination (three programmable options)
  • LED keypad that shows system's state of operation

Download OES Specs

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